Yuvraj Makes a Legendary Comeback after the 2011 World Cup

Legends do not give up. They fight back. Always. And, Yuvi has indeed proved it. First, this brave man defeated cancer and now, the England Cricket team.

Before making a come back in the first ODI match, Yuvraj did not play in the ODI matches for a period of more than 3 long years. He dropped out in the year 2013 when his performance considerably declined.

After a long gap, he finally showed up his excellent form yet again. He made his highest score over the period of last six years with his strong drives and ferocious pulls.

Redemption for Yuvraj

Being out of ODI matches for the past 3 years, we believe that Yuvraj would have been under pressure. He had to redeem his previous performances. And, he did it!

With his excellent shots, Yuvraj managed to score 150 of 127 balls in the ODI match against England in Cuttack. When he hit a century, the first one ever since 2011 World Cup, he banged his chest as he grew emotional.

The 35-year-old Yuvi gave away his career-best-performance in ODI and secured 150 runs for India before he was knocked out int the 43rd over.

Here’s a glimpse of his amazing performance!


The Strategy

When asked about his brilliant performance, this is what he said,

“I just tried to get a partnership. They [England] bowled really well up front and we just wanted to rotate the strike and get into the rhythm and take our time. There was a lot of time. I just wanted to play down the ground and not take many risks.”

Surely, to watch him bat with fire in his eye was a treat to watch!

The fall down

His innings helped India to stabilise the score after a not-so-great start. England won the toss and decided to bowl first. Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul gave India took off the match by a brisk start. But, soon Rahul was dismissed in the 3rd over. Virat Kohli also had fallback after4 balls. Dhawan too couldn’t stand for long and that led to the score of 25/3 for India.

Then came Yuvraj and Dhoni who rocked the battlefield with their amazing performance. They got India back into the game and kept rotating the strike as much as possible. Here’s what Sachin Tendulkar has to say about them:

The comeback

Helps India win the World Cup, fights cancer, makes a comeback, gets dropped, slogs it out in the domestic cricket again, forces a comeback and scores a century.

Yuvraj Singh, you beauty.  Teaches us how one just should not give up! 

Look, even Sehwag agrees with us.

We wish you and team India good luck for future endeavours.




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