You found me or I found you

Ever wondered how did a relationship which you would have never imagined in your dreams would come out so good? This piece of poetry is for all the people who has a special person in their life.


I am in that state of life that, I feel I am dreaming,

You have become my sunshine, I cant stop beaming,

If I sum up my feelings for you,

And you should know they all are true,

You are my angel without any clue!


The seemless talks and those adventures,

Do you remember how we have planned our ventures?

I had no idea we would come so close,

Drunken talks and the places we chose!


The way you have been protective about me,

Pulling each other’s legs and laughing at meme,

Sharing life goals and to-do list together,

Traveling against the odds of the weather!


Watching movies together which we hardly remember,

Unplanned bunks and the memories we treasure,

Your pre-birthday bash and that cab lash,

It all started when we were in smaash!


Certainly it was not love at first sight,

Slowly we made progress without much fights,

Those loud words ‘I love you’

I am yet to determine 

Did you found me or I found you

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