The world is full of good people!

The world is full of good people!


This story is based on the real life incident!


It was saturday morning, I reached Shirdi and went to the lodge. I always wanted to go to Shirdi and take God’s blessings since long time. However, I was looking for a companion to go with and I took my friend with me, who immediately agreed when I asked him to join.


We both were happy after our darshan at the temple. People of different religion came to take blessings from Shirdi Sai Baba. I was mesmerised at the beauty of Baba and felt peace within.


Like any other corporate employee I had to get back to work from Monday. Me and my friend decided to start back the same night towards Hyderabad.


In a hurry-burry situation I forgot little cash which I was carrying to eat food at the lodge. We both boarded the bus as the tickets were pre-booked we did not have to pay anything more.


On the way back to Hyderabad, the bus driver stopped at Zaheerabad dhaba and I was very hungry. I ate till my stomach started hurting and my friend accompanied. While paying the bill, I was shocked to realise that I don’t have cash and my friend was banking on me too, so even he did not have cash.


Little did i realise I am in a situation that I might have to wash the plates for the heavy dinner I had. I had debit card though, I searched for the ATM and unfortunately I did not find one.


I told all the situation to the dhaba owner, and he told me ‘Sir its okay if you have no money, I can understand your situation, you can repay me later if we meet again.’ said the owner in a polite tone.


Such an honest response from him, I was pleasantly surprised at his gesture. Though I did not pay him anything, he still asked me to go ahead and order anything and fill my hunger. I was astronished at his good acts.


I was feeling heavy owing to such good man, I said I will transfer the money through paytm and recharged his mobile in the amount of INR 500.


Again the owner surprised me by paying back INR 500 in cash and insisted to pay him back whenever I visit there next time.


I was filled with emotions. Act of kindness and goodness still exists in this world. All throughout my journey back home, I was recollecting the acts of the dhaba owner who left me wondering to return this act of kindness when someone is in need.


That moment I realised, the world is full of good people, however if you cannot find one be one.



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