Women killed her husband after he forced her to sleep with her brother. Click on the link to know more.

Wife murders

On the 19th of March 2017, a woman called up the Delhi police. She told them over the phone that her husband had killed himself. This is what the Times of India reported.

However, when it came to Hindustan Times; they reported that he was murdered. A report there says that the woman called up the police and told them that two guests had come the day before. They had partied with her husband all night long. When she woke up the next morning, she found herself locked from outside.

The three of them, including her husband, slept together last night. When she woke up the next morning, she found out that she was locked from outside. According to her, the two men were missing the next day. When she somehow escaped the room, she found that her husband was lying dead on the floor with a dupatta around his neck.


When the police heard what the woman said, they decided to investigate the matter further. The search involved everything. But when they saw a CCTV footage they got a lead. They saw a man leaving the house at around 3 AM. He was limping and he had the clothes of the murdered man. The police discovered from the CCTV footage that the man was the wife’s brother.

When the police interrogated both the people, the woman told the police the real story. She told the police that she and her brother had killed her husband with whom she had been married for more than 18 years.

After a couple of years of their marriage, her husband started pressurizing her. He started asking her for a male child. Their first child was a girl and she dies after four years due to malnourishment. Her problems had just begun.

A report said that the man forced her wife to go through abortion everytime they discovered they were going to have a girl. Not only that, he threatened her mentally as well as physically. As he started getting desperate for a son, he became madder.

The woman said that each night he would force her to have sex with her brother. This was so that she would bear a male child. She also said that the husband would supervise them such that they wouldn’t just fool around.

Her brother had numerous debts to her husband and so he had to listen to him. He, in fact, worked for her husband and he threatened to kill her brother if he said no.

After she and her brother grew tired of the man, the duo hatched a plan to kill the husband. Now, they have been booked for murder.

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