This Woman Had The Best Reply To All the Cheesy Dudes On Snapchat

I am sure that you all must have seen the heartbroken Snapchat guy who posted hilarious photos on Snapchat. If you haven’t, here’s a glimpse:


Aww, poor boy. I hope you ex shows some pity on you and things work out.

And, guess what? Later on, our internet star seemed to be so much in love and came up with another series of posts.

Wanna watch out? Here you go:


Okay, now that seems creepy!

Ew, is that really how you ask out a girl?

I am sure you already turned her off.

Now, what can be termed as a classic comeback, Priyanka Suma from the City of Gardens, Bengaluru has brought about her series of story. And, you will die laughing. Don’t believe me? Check it out below!

So, next time a guy sounds cheesy, I am sure you know what is to be done.

1. Omg, really? That is going to hurt a lot. But okay, whatever!


2. Girl, you know you have aggrieved male ego by doing this. I am sure he is not gonna sit calm.


3. Yeah, well we understand the outburst of your emotions. But, why waste paper in all this?


4. Okay, now that’s something. Don’t know about others, but I do appreciate your wit and humor.


5. Things are just getting more and more intense with each passing post.


6. God, save the poor boy. This is pure savage. But, who cares?


7. Okay, I can’t argue with that now. You are genius.


8. Ouch! I don’t know how it must have felt. Here’s the final shot, the guy you are check and mate.


Way to go girl.

You are just awesome. You took a perfect dig out at our heartbroken guy.

Let’s wait and watch out what he has got to say about this one.

What are your views on the same?

Drop your comments in the section below.



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