A woman who can remember each and every day of her life, from the day she was born.

Remembering each and every day of our life is far from impossible, but wait! What if I show you someone who does remember every single thing from her life?

Yes,you heard it right. Rebecca Sharrock, a 27 year old woman from Brisbane remembers everything from when she was 12 days old. Sometimes we forget things which happened even last year, but this lady suffers from a very rare memory disorder called Highly Superior autobiographical memory (HSAM) that doesn’t allow her to forget anything. This is strange, isn’t it?

According to the survey, it is said that there are only around 60-80 people in the world who carries this memory disorder. Rebecca remembers every moment of her life in extraordinary detail, whether it be the dreams she had at 18 months old or being photographed in a car at just 12 days after her birth. Name a random day from 20 years ago, and Rebecca can tell you what she was wearing, what the weather was like and the exact sequence of things she did and saw.

While speaking to a news channel she said,

“Any day I’ve experienced, I can recall”.

She remembers being curious about the world as an infant, but not having the drive to explore. She shared that she was also abused as a child, and suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from her vivid recollections of the incidents happened. Following, she also told the news channel that

“My short-term memory is poor. When it becomes long term (after a few months), it stays forever.”

Her family found something was not right with her, then it was in 2011 that her mother Janet, read about this HSAM and got in touch with researches in california. The mother and daughter flew to the US and Rebecca was diagnosed, aged 21. “That’s when I knew the whole picture,” she said.

“There are advantages too. I can understand a child or baby why they’re upset. I know how to deal with it from my experience.”

She also claims that she can recite all Harry Potter books word-for-word!!!

Rebecca now spends time updating her blog, maintaining a Facebook page and giving talks to psychologists about her condition.

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