Wish I Had Never Known You!

Have you ever wished you wouldn’t have met that one person? The one who came into your life out of nowhere and flipped it upside down and walked away like nothing ever happened.


If you have ever felt these emotions. Here’s something I am sure you’d relate to:


I wish I had never known you.

And all the things you told me,

I wish I never believed they were true.


I got way too attached to you.

And, when I fell so hard,

You pushed me away to rue.


I’m glad I have come out of it now.

And only if I had known how,

I wouldn’t have been such a frau.


All this time I cursed myself.

For crawling back to you in the time of need,

When all I ever asked for was your help.


I don’t hate you for all what you’ve done to me.

The truth is, I can’t thank you enough,

Because you have set me free.


And even if there was some other way out,

I won’t have asked for it.

After all, you were such a knout.


The Universe is keeping an eye on you.

And one day you shall repent what you’ve done,

Because believe it or not, karma spares none.


Tell me your views about blend of emotions in the section below!



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