How do you want me to bid you goodbye!

How do you want me to bid you goodbye!


A short poem on the departing love and mixed feelings to leave someone so dear to you.


My day and night, love at first sight,

your crazy jokes and our little fight,

my longest call and sleep crawling to fall,

your lips and voice

tell me how do you want me to bid you goodbye.


It will not work between us,

we both know after the broken trust,

but still my heart has that unspoken faith,

A miracle might happen to change the fate,

with all my misty eyes, tell me how should I, bid you good-bye!


Leaving was not a choice I made,

we were falling apart as there was no shade,

my efforts were always to make you smile,

but nothing can stop me now to bid you goodbye.


you will miss my talk, my laugh and my presence,

it would be no other feeling in your absence,

losing you in the journey of myriad,

I will miss you when I go to bed!


My time has come to fly, as I now bid you goodbye.

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