A Wake Up Call by Delhi Girl Is Just What Every Alcoholic Needs to Read

One must always remember that their actions can also have a vast impact on the life of their near and dear one’s. You might turn into an alcoholic presuming that it is normal because everyone takes it.

But, you must also be awre of consequences of being an addict. Every now and then, we read about the health hazards caused by the overuse and addiction of such substances, but nobody takes it seriously.

A Delhi girl, Simran has penned down a blog post in which she has mentioned about what it did to her father.

I feel sick in my stomach, weak in my knees, and the choking in my throat as I write this.  Not that you don’t know about cancer already. Not that I didn’t know about it already, but you don’t feel it unless you go through it or see someone close to you going through it.

My dad, as I knew him before the dawn of 2017, was a very different person. Handsome; to say the least. Strong, bold, daring, ambitious, would be a few of his other personality traits. But he had a major flaw. Something you would accept because ‘Everyone does it’. But that something has ruined his life today. That something is Alcohol.

He started drinking when he was 25.  A true Punjabi, who would sit with friends and other male members of the family, and wouldn’t stop until they’d finish the bottle of whiskey, or until they were drunk ‘enough’. He didn’t like to be told that he shouldn’t drink and that it’s harmful to him.

He was asked to take some medicines, and stop drinking. But he quit for a bit and then started again.  He had lost weight and wasn’t very active anymore. People only advised him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen to anybody. I remember seeing some weird rashes on his legs before I left for Paris again last August. Red rashes, growing like fungus all over his legs. I asked him to see a doctor, but he never took me seriously.

After a blood test, the doctors were shocked to see the results. After an MRI and some other tests, he was finally diagnosed with final stage liver Cancer. Two large tumors in the liver, and many smaller ones spreading to other parts of the body. Soon, it turned out that he had jaundice too.

The doctors suggested chemotherapy. But it was a big risk. The liver wasn’t prepared enough to take it, and it could have caused liver failure, they said. There was no other option, so they went ahead with it. The chemotherapy left him extremely weak. But the worst was yet to come.

We always used to have long discussions and arguments about life, and almost everything. He had a lot to say about everything. And I was just hoping that we could spend time doing that.

He was so weak. Just 55 years old, he looked no less than 75. The man, who would proudly show us his muscles and chest, had now bones poking out.

Even though I had so much to talk to him about, and I was already imagining it before I reached home, things really didn’t work out that way. There was obviously a difference in the way we used to talk.  I and mom went to a homeopathic doctor to show his reportsHe saw the reports and said- Whoever takes this case now, will be put to shame later because nothing can be done. As a last resort, he gave us the address of a baba in Alwar, Rajasthan, who gives natural medicines for Cancer and is known to be miraculous. I don’t know if he or my family really believed in it or not, but in a desperate situation like this, we wanted to do anything.

On Wednesday night, he said he didn’t want to eat anything, and that he was feeling sick. After a while, he puked. Reddish-brown and black pieces. It looked like dry blood. The cancer was spreading everywhere. It had spread to the bile duct, which had caused jaundice. The liver was becoming weaker and weaker, and so were the other organs. They put a pipe through his nose inside the body and a bag full of blood was taken out. The blood that was there due to the bursting of the nerves. So much blood lost. The reports suggest that the internal bleeding can happen again. The doctors say that he is at a stage where they don’t know what to do with him.

Jaundice increased so much – his eyes and arms are pale. He cannot walk without support anymore. He doesn’t talk anymore.  He now looks like he is over 80 years old. A man of 55 years he is. The word father/Dad itself makes you imagine someone strong and bold. But my dad is so weak today.  I said to him, ‘Dad, I’m only here for a few more days. Please talk to me.’ He didn’t say anything.

But his face says it all. It seems like he’s in pain. He whines and moans in discomfort. And I’m listening to that as I write this.

The person, who used to down glasses of whiskey, has no strength to lift up a bottle of water to his mouth anymore.

If you’ve read through this whole story, I request you to please be more aware of the consequences of alcohol abuse.

We laugh and joke at advertisements before movies etc. that say ‘Alcohol is injurious to health’, but if you see it so closely (which I hope you don’t), you’ll realize how important it is to spread awareness about this.

There is nothing worse than seeing a normal healthy person dry down to this state, just because he gave in to addictions like these.

There is no point in suffering later. It is wise to stop at the right time. And even though it is really difficult to see him like this, I’m glad that I came home at the right time, because I wouldn’t have understood the deeper meaning behind those advertisements, if I hadn’t seen it for myself.

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