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India is always known to be a beautiful country. But still most of us prefer to go abroad, leaving back our motherland. They have their reasons. But we have our. Why India? And we ask why not? It has everything, from hospitality to food. You need reasons to travel India? Well, here we have listed them for you.

  • Hospitality

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People here believe in ‘atithi devo bhava’ which means ‘The Guest is equivalent to God’. Indians are said to treat their guests better than their family members. Be it a family friend or a ‘dur ka rishtedar’, you will not leave an Indian household without an empty stomach ever. They treat you with utmost friendliness. You can also find home stays here without much struggle.

  • Food

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You will get different kinds of food here, from the mouth watering Bengali dishes to the spicy north Indian meals. The overly stuffed plate might scare you at first but will surely leave you licking fingers in the end.

  • Architecture

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One thing we Indians are proud of is our architecture. Here the timeless walls speak stories of the Mughal era, the British colonial times, of India’s rulers and their passion for fine creativity. Must visit sites are Portuguese-Baroque (Goa), Franco-Tamil architecture (Pondicherry), India Gate (Delhi), Rajabai Tower (Mumbai) and of course Akbar’s fort (Agra).

  • History

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Hate this subject? Well I don’t blame you. History might seem as a boring subject of curriculum though it creates magic when seen with eyes wide. Chuck the books and enjoy the real unsung history of this beautiful country.

  • Spirituality

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Spiritualism is what attracts people from around the world to this beautiful nation. The traditional ways of celebrating many religions in just one country will leave you spellbound.

  • Scenic beauty

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Of course the bewitching beaches such as the Mandrem, the Palolem, the Chapora, the Varca or the Benaulim gives you stunning sites. But the beautiful Ganges, the mighty Brahmaputra, the stunning Godavari and many more rivers is what hold the real natural beauty

  • Diverse beauty

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Tradition here people follow as religion. Local languages, folk dances, dresses from east to west will create sure impression on you. India gives you mini tour of world.

  • Handicrafts

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Love handmade stuff? India gives you ample market choice to get the best. Obviously you can order online but give shot to shopping while travelling (its more than fun). Home decorative, clothing, jewellery, almost everything India gives you handmade.

  •  Affordable 

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Here you can find place in star hotels to rooms on rent. Your budget will not create problem. We know travellers aren’t the Richie Rich (mostly) so people travel a beautiful land with few bucks in pocket.

Travel India and one thing sure to happen either you will love it or you might learn to adjust in chaos.



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