#TrumpsComing Challenge

Well, America did fuck it up for them all right. When they elected Donald Trump as there President, America along with the whole of the world grieved with them. But that phase is gone now, and people have learned to learn from their mistakes. To learn with it and stay with it. The internet is very bizarre, just like President elect Donald Trump. Today, while I was going through the trending parts in Google, I found #TrumpsComing challenge trending. Yes you heard that right. #TrumpsComing.

So what is exactly this #TrumpsComing Challenge? I am going to tell you the same.

This challenge is inspired by the Andy’s Coming Challenge (remember a homage to the Toy Story in which where everyone just falls down to the ground like a lifeless toy after someone yells “Andy’s coming”), this trend is just all about shouting “Trump’s coming!” in public and then recording the scared people running away. This comes obviously, after the mannequin challenge.

I mean let’s see it logically; who isn’t afraid of Trump? Clearly these people are the few rational, sane individuals in America. They know what is better for their country and what is better for the self-interest of all Americans: to simply run away from Trump. That’s what I’m thinking of moving to Canada. Oh sorry, I live India, and that is quite safe my fellow Americans.

Anyways, this new trend does look interesting. I especially like the part where it’s causing mass panic. Nothing like a good public panic.

So here are a few videos which will surely crack you up: Be sure to take part in the challenge as well!




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