Tribute to A Woman!

Tribute to a Woman!


A storm withheld, a sun which never sets,

The love of nature and kindness at its best,

The world knows how you quest,

Oh Lord! you made a woman so perfect!


She plays so many roles,

A daughter, a mother, a wife and best friend,

Wanting always the peoples worry around her to end,

Standing up for her rights and never gets bend,

Oh Lord! you made a woman as a circle with no mend!


The highs and lows of her life,

the criticism for having her own choice,

what not she faced being a woman,

Harassment, forced-marriages and domestic violence,

Yet she smiles with all her broken pieces together,

Oh Lord! You made a woman with no fear


She is out there to rule the world and make a mark,

The history has already been embarked,

The light she holds that forever sparks,

She unwinds the passion to carve,

Oh Lord! How you made a woman with so much love!


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