Trapped for life in this arranged marriage – my biggest mistake of life

Trapped for life in this arranged marriage – my biggest mistake of life

Note : Real life story names not mentioned

“I can’t do this anymore, love cannot be forced”, I said to her

She was a perfect girl, who would take care of my family, my life and my needs. But we never connected on personal level.

We had different wave length, I told her in our courtship period that I am not able to connect to her,

she said if we break-up there is a lot of shit which will happen, the society, the community would not accept.

I spoke to my parents about this, they said all will be well once you get married.

People get attached to animals when they live together and she will be your better-half you will get used to living together.

I was a coward the pride and honour of the family made me marry somebody whom I never saw as a life partner.

I tried my level best, to be compatible but I couldn’t .

What I wanted in a life partner, she was not that. Neither could I be what she wanted from a life partner’s point of you. 

We lived together for two months and I knew I cannot do this till the end of life. I spoke to her, she left the house.

I gathered some courage and I asked for divorce so that she can move on in her life and set me free, she threatened to use all laws to sue my family members and me in false allegations.

I could do nothing, its been two years now I am trapped in this unwanted relationship and don’t know what to do now.

Was my decision to abandon a forceful relationship wrong? Did I not play my part well?

I accept my fault that I could not take a stand before but now I am very sure

I don’t want to be in relationship where I don’t see companionship together.

I am forever trapped in this arranged marriage!



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  1. I don’t know what country you are in or anything about the legal stuff but I know what you are feeling. I hope you are doing well being stuck in a marriage you never wanted to be in sucks.

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