The trailor of HIndi Medium hits the sweet spot of the so called importance of English in India

When we meet someone for the first time, the first basis we judge them are their looks. What’s second? Yes, English. “He does not know English? Where is he from, Bihar?” The worst reaction ever, in India.

For many reasons, we Indians judge people on their ability to speak English; though our National Language is not English as well. If you speak fluent English, you are from the high class society. But if you don’t, well slum is where you belong.

This obsession with English here in India is very unhealthy. From the childhood itself, English is a must learn language for the kids. I still remember, I was asked to choose English over Hindi in 10th Standard blindly by my class teacher. Given the pressure of the society, studying in a hi-fi English medium school is the only way to escape the pangs.

Irrfan Khan’s upcoming film, Hindi Medium, deals with THIS very issue.

The actress Saba Qamar is both beautiful and talented; and we all know about Irrfan Khan.

The movie is going to hit the theatres on 12th May 2017. Watch the trailer of the movie here:

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