Top 5 Indian startups to look out for in 2016!


Being in 21st century, entrepreneurs are found in millions. But not every one of them become successful! People with the right stamina and with the will power to work are the ones who leave a mark. Here are 5 startups which are one of a kind and stand a very good chance in the rat race!

  1. Inspirock

Who doesn’t love travelling? And an Indian startup that promotes the same! Damn! This great innovation here helps out people all over the globe to plan holidays with the use of technology. I know what you are thinking. There are a million websites out there doing the same. On a primary level, this looks very basic, but on a computer science level it’s immensely complicated. What makes this different is that it is able to churn out plans for the people based on logic and according to preference within seconds. All hail the travel lovers! Your gold mine is here.

  1. DrWheelz


Founded by Balaji Mohan, an expert in the automobile industry himself, this company provides doorstep services to all kinds of cars. Be it a hatchback or an SUV, the engineers will arrive at your doorstep charging you just Rs. 450 per hour. What makes them a class apart from the others is that they have their own mobile service vans which makes their overhead expenses lesser resulting the in benefit of its customers. Operating just in Bangalore and Hyderabad, this startup aims to provide the service all over India in the coming 2 years. So vroom, vroom and vroom people!

  1. Chayyos


Tea lovers, gather please! Chayyos is a unique startup which provides different varieties of tea which is customizable in more than 10,000 ways! Yes you heard it right, its 10,000. Chayyos delivers tea in the NCR region – Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon as of now. The orders can be placed by ordering your desired chai via their app and you can leave the rest to them. It even allows customers to make their own chai by using the ‘packaged chai patti’ they provide. So sip, sip and slurp people.

  1. AppyHours


This got your attention didn’t it? If you think it has something related to pubs and breweries, then yes you are right! AppyHours is a revolutionary website which lists all the happy hours and all the offers in any pub or brewery. Just type your preferred happy hours and you will get a list of all the pubs offering the same. Right now in Bangalore, this looks forward to cover the whole of India in the coming years. You can even avail discounts in the pubs if you reserve a table through their website. So drink all you can guys, because your beer won’t wait.

  1. UrbanClap


We all know what we have to go through when we need to find a carpenter! UrbanClap helps you find the right service professionals for activities important to you. Whether you are looking to decorate your home, get candid pictures of your wedding, get your doorbell repaired, plan your kid’s birthday or get healthier, UrbanClap helps you fulfill all your services needs. UrbanClap’s vision is to use technology and smart processes to structure the highly unorganized services market in India and emerging markets. So just call them and gets nailed knocked in!



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