Top 10 things NOT to do in an interview


Yes, it is that time of the month now when the interviews start. In any college for that matter; be it engineering or even management. So let us count down the top 10 things that should NOT be done in an interview! So here goes the list!

1. Appear disinterested


Well, this is very common. If you cannot look interested while giving the interview, how will you work if you are offered placement? So it is the best idea that you look energetic and always smile in a interview. Be chirpy, spread the positive vibes. I you are able to do that, there are high chances that you get placed in your dream job.

2. Dress inappropriately


Hmm. Not a toughie at all. Imagine going for an interview in your pajamas and sitting down. Strange right? We all know we have seen such things in movie, but trust me those do not work in real life. Put on the best of your suits, polish your shoes clean and then attend your interview.

3. Appear arrogant


Your boss will always look for a person who is willing to learn the new ways and new the tricks and trades. If you appear arrogant and a know it all, you are sure to get rejected. You will have the HR team sit right opposite to you who will keep a track on each and every movement of yours.

4. Talk negatively to current employees


The current employees have been there a much more longer time than you. It is time that you let go of your arrogance and talk to them nicely. Never talk negatively to the current or the older employees. It is wrong ethically, and you might get kicked out of the interview.

5. Answer a phone call or text


Imagine your crush texts you in the middle of the interview. What will you do? Well, you shouldn’t even be knowing that your crush is texting you in the middle of an interview. Keep your phone aside switched off, or better still give it to one of your friends who is outside. Never ever answer any call or any text in an interview.

6. Appear uninformed about the company or your role

A45CK8 Teenage girl gesturing with palms up
A45CK8 Teenage girl gesturing with palms up

This is a very important point which many people forget. Always read beforehand whatever roles your are applying for. It is always good to know a bit about the company beforehand as well, as there might be some people who ask you about it.

7. Get specific


When asked “What are your strengths” what do you do? You tell them what you are good at, and when asked again, you tell them an example where you prove to be strong. You have to make sure you convince them that you are indeed strong there. Good luck there!

8. Ask generic questions (actually none at all)


If they ask whether you have any doubts, do not under any circumstances ask stupid questions like what am I supposed to do. Ask questions which are very specific to the role you’ll play.

9. Provide too much personal information


I have known people who are so desperate to get the jobs, that they give out a hoarse of personal information. DO NOT DO THAT AT ALL. If you do, it will show you are desperate and want the job very bad. There are chances you might not get selected after that.

10. Ask the hiring manager personal questions


Again, if asked if you have any questions; do not ask the hiring manager any personal questions. Be specific and very very professional. All the best people!



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