Top 10 reasons why Harry Potter is a must read

As I see around me, there are tons of people dying to watch Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. Me being an ardent Harry Potter fan myself, can’t help myself but smile as I see more and more people joining in the Harry Potter Fandom. So it so happened that I asked a random guy what he thought was the best thing about Snape. You know what he said? He said “Snape? He was a bitch. He was always rude to Harry Potter. Why would you say he was a good guy?” For people who love and adore the Harry Potter series, this is nothing less than a insult.

So today, I am not here to tell you about Fantastic beasts and where to find them. No. Before you go ahead and do that, make sure you know why me and millions out there are the crazy fans of the Harry Potter series. So here is to you presenting the top 10 reasons why you must read Harry Potter.

1. It’s brilliant storytelling with complex plot and world building that entertains readers so thoroughly that it’s easy to keep reading and reading and reading. Hence, the Harry Potter books develop a child’s LOVE of story and of reading.


2.The writing is filled with rich word choice that will improve your child’s vocabulary.


3. The fantastical, magical world of coming-of-age, adventure, and suspense ignites and improves a child’s imagination.

Enjoying imagination

4. Harry Potter teaches essential life lessons


5. The Harry Potter stories build empathy in readers


6. The books are appealing to both gender of readers. Boys and girls love these books.


7. The strong female characters are fantastic role models for girls: Hermione, Ginny, Mrs. Weasley, Professor McGonagall, and Luna Lovegood, for example.


8. The books are better and more complex than the movies.


9. Harry Potter is an important part of our common mythology, the classic cannon of children’s literature, that we share with other readers.


10. Harry Potter’s story exemplifies the iconic hero’s journey


So please, before you go out to watch that movie; do the give the books a read.

– An earnest Harry Potter Fan



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