Top 10 mafias who ever lived

Who isn’t fascinated by the mafia world here? Well everyone is. So keeping our top 10 streak in accordance, here is to you presenting the top 10 Mafias who ever lived.

10. Jamaican Yardees, England


Jamaican British Yardees immigrated to Britain in 1950’s. They conducted and still conduct organized crimes like drug dealings and other gun crimes.

9. Albanian Mafia, Albania


They were a Mafia group based in Albania. They are active in the US and the European countries as well. Sex and drug trafficking is their main business.

8. Serbina Mafia, Serbia


They operate in more than 10 nations such as Germany, UK, France, US and more. Drug trafficking, Smuggling and Contract Killing is their main business.

7. Israeli Mafia, Israel


They are active in a lot og countries. They are involved in drug trafficking, prostitution and more.

6. Mexican Mafia, US


A very powerful prison gang among the United States. They have about 30,000 members all over the US. They force gangs and dealers to pay protection tax and those who don’t get killed.

5. Yakuza, Japan


This is one group which uses threat and extortion to get their way. They have about 1,10,000 active members. They are involved in protection rackets, imported uncensored porn over Europe and America, prostitution and illegal immigration.

4. Triads, China


Based in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, US and more. This group is invlved in theft, trafficking, contract killing, extortion and piracy.

3. Drug Cartel, Colombia


They operate in a lot of countries. Focused mainly on controlling and trafficking drugs.

2. Sicilian Mafia, Italy

1972:  American actor Al Pacino (right) sits with Italian actor Franco Citti holding a rifle at an outdoor table in director Francis Ford Coppola's film, 'The Godfather'. Pacino rests his leg on a chair.  (Photo by Paramount Pictures/Getty Images)

They are involved in protection rackets, drug and arms trafficking and mediation of criminal business. Every member has to follow the code of silence.

1. Russian Mafia, Russia


This is the world’s most powerful mafias. They are active in a lot of countries. They are feared for their vandalism, terrorism, organ trafficking and contract killing.



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