Top 10 most hated countries

most hated

In lieu of what is happening lately, many countries have been facing a lot of hate. So let us take a dig at what public says. Today, in our top 10 list we shall see the top most hated countries ever. So let us take it down, shall we?

10: China

Let’s just say this is because of the high execution rates over there! They are numerous man.

9: India

Yeah I know. But what can we do. This is because we discriminate on the basis of color and caste.

8: United Kingdom

The past slavery system. That’s about it. And some people do not want to abolish it even now!

7: Mexico

Drug trade, violent crimes, illegal immigration and human trafficking. Wooh, that is a lot of things people can hate you for.

6. Japan

Their destructive conflict with China. And I don’t even know why people confuse Japanese and the Chinese!

5: Germany

Hitler. Need I say more?

4: Russia

Killing millions and humiliating millions of ethnic groups, that’s where Russia went wrong.

3: North Korea

Well, they threaten Nuclear War with the whole world. What else is needed?

2: Pakistan

I really do not need to explain this.

1: USA

Donald Trump people. Donald Trump.



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