The top 10 free kicks of all times

Free kicks

How many of you love football? If you don’t well, you must be a cricket lover. Nothing wrong in that. Me? I am a football freak. So today I shall list down the top 10 free kicks in the history of football for you. I surely have something for cricket lovers too, and that’s in the next post! So enjoy the free kicks for now.

10. Roberto Carlos vs France

9. Juninho vs Ajaccio

8. Ronaldinho vs England

7. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Portsmouth

6. Pierre van Hooijdonk vs SC Freiburg

5. Laurent Robert vs Southampton

4. David Beckham vs Greece

3. Oleksandr Aliyev vs Dnipro

2. Mikael Nilsson vs PSV

1. John Arne Riise vs Manchester United



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