The top 10 biggest sixes of all times


As promised, I am back with the post for cricket lovers. Here’s to you presenting the top 10 biggest sixes of all time. Enjoy!

10. MS Dhoni vs Australia at Adelaide (112 meters)

9. Ijaz Ahmad vs India at Mohali

8. Corey Anderson vs India at Napier

7. Chris Gayle vs Australia (120 meters at-least)

6. Shahid Afridi vs Australia (110 to 115 meters)

5. Mark Waugh vs Vettori (New Zealand 1999)

4. Yuvraj Singh vs Brett Lee (Australia 2007 World Cup)

3. Brett Lee vs Darren Powel of West Indies (Gabba 2005)

2. Shahid Afridi vs Ryan McLaren of South Africa (2013)

1. Zard Ali vs Australia 



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