10 Things 500 Days of Summer Taught Us About Relationships

It is often said that you learn more about love and relationships after a heartbreak. And, when you are going through a breakup, a little escapade can be a welcome relief and helps to ease the pain. And, perhaps what is better than watching a movie?

So, I happened to watch 500 Days of Summer, the last night and fell in love with it. In this movie, though Tom and Summer are an adorable couple, they do not end up being together. Yes, they were madly in love with each other but it was just not meant to be. And, this is the reason why I love this film. No, I am not a sadist, I love happy endings too. I believe that fairytales do exist. But, this movie takes a dig into the reality and strays away from expectations.

Here a few lessons about relationships which I learned from this movie.

1. Love isn’t always reciprocated in the form you expect it would be. In every relationship, there is someone who loves their significant other much more than he/she does. After all, giving without expecting anything in return is love.


2. After a heartbreak, you might end up thinking that he/she is toxic for you. But deep down, you know that they are a bubble of freshness in your mundane life. A part of you always wishes to go back to them, no matter comes and goes by. So, try to diffuse the fights with your partner before it leads to a breakup.


3. Love and consistency are two factors that make a relationship work. Love is fantasy and nobody ever wants to wake up from this beautiful dream and feel differently. So, if you are in love, stay committed to it. At the end of the day, what someone needs is assurance.


4. Expectations always hurt. The only way not to get hurt in any relationship is to stay away from expectations. You never know when your day-dreams can get shattered and leave you mourning over everything you believed to be true. As the saying goes, The less you care, the happier you will be.


5. Love makes life worth living. It brightens up every day. Always be the one in a relationship whom someone can count on. Be reliable. There will be times when you need to usher your partner with fulfillment during their gray and dull times. But, do not give up on them. That’s what make you appreciable.


6. Yes, the adult world sucks! You know, the slightest of things can cause a havoc in your life and mark the beginning of the end of a beautiful relationship. Things do not always work out as you planned, that’s life. In such times, let them fall. Let them go through this once. If they come back, they will be stronger than ever.


7. I can be surrounded amongst a group of people but, at times it might all seem to be insignificant. I would still feel lonely. Because for me, it is the little conversation between you and me is what matters the most. The truth is, I am somewhere else with you.


8. Always remind your partner about how you feel. They might be going through hard times which you know nothing about. Shower them with your loving and kind words. Do not underestimate the power of healing of simple gestures.


9. There comes a point in your relationship when you are not sure about your feelings. In such a case, go with the choice that scares you the most. You have only one life, take risks. Give yourself a second chance, eventually, everything will fall into place and things can really work out!


10. When we are talking about love and relationships, it’s never too late. If you value your partner truly, it’s never too late to start over. Remember, every broken thing can be fixed. If you have love in your life, do not let it go. It can make up for a great many things that are missing.


So, the weekend isn’t over yet. Go ahead, grab some popcorn and watch this movie.

We are sure you would love it too. 🙂



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