The sea or the mountain?


Sea level, and mountains, such contrasting imagery. Mountains; Where the sun’s glory lasts only until it’s overshadowed by adjacent range, making the power of a day crumpled under their mightiness. While sea, offers the Sun and Moon at most power to control its vigour with an eloquence of it’s depth. A traveler’s mindset is run by a number of factors, from what he wants his eyes to meet, to what he wants for his tummy before his heart. How much of a beach bum you are, or a mountaineer, is up to the kind of discovery you’re pursuit lies in.


When the trip is intended to be free from physical and mental stress, what is being explored is outside of you more than inside of you, welcoming new people and being the extrovert you are. Getting Sun kissed and your feet, sea kissed, one of the blessed feelings ever. If you find yourself totally in the middle of such fantasies, you are the beach-bum having the mindset of a rather laid back traveler. Water is your best friend, and partying, your religion. Your travel bag consists of a sunblock and a couple of multi purpose clothes for all occasions, and probably a nice cocktail dress i.e if you’re also a woman. You might as well be the surfing maniac with a permanent tan who imagines the sound of the beach during his/her times of turmoil.


The definition of vacation for you is to escape to the world of beach nakedness with lots of time for yourself, to eat, talk, swim, and pamper yourself with the perks of a sea coast lavishness. You do not believe in making your life harder as a traveller, you want to make it (at least for them few days) perfect for you. Perfect for gazing at the crowd and isolating yourself for a while from the hustle bustle of regular life. You probably wanna own a shack sometime in life so you can settle here, where you hear the beach calling for your name.
The other kind of traveler you could be is the opposite, a peace and calm longing free soul. Your definition for peace is being as far as possible from the modern world, and calm for you is that feeling of solemness enervating from every time your nerves tighten to exhaust out the stress off your body. You’re the solitary loving creature who recognizes one’s own self by discovering the beauty in every height. You’re moved by the love the natives have for their hard lives up the hill, you infact envy them; untouched by the desires of the superfluous world below. You take your luggage (the bag pack) everywhere you go, sometimes, the sky is your roof, trekking is your journey, scenery driven adrenaline is your destination. A couple of fresh clothes, Maggie, energy drink are your essentials, a tent and a winter-wear jacket if essential. Your calf muscles are your sex appeal and your lungs are too proud to let you pant even when your heart is audibly beating. People find it easier to love you than to understand you, you are the epitome of self discovery. You are a mountaineer for life, ever attracted to them like a magnet, the beauty in your life.



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