The iPhone 8

iPhone 8

Apple had recently released the iPhone 7 but did not get the amount of hype as it expected. It came with flaws of it’s own; even though Apple removed the headphone jack, some people found that irritating. I mean, you buy an iPhone for 70,000 and then you have to buy it’s accessories for another 8000. Makes really less sense. Anyways, Apple has always known to keep their products on the costlier side; and whoever wants to buy the products will buy them somehow or the other. Apple has recently also released the new Macbook Pro with it’s own awesome features.

However, even though iPhone 7 has just come out; rumors have already started as to how iPhone 8 will be. We checked the internet for you and bought you all everyone knows about the iPhone 8 till now. So just sit back, read the article and start saving for your new iPhone 8.

OLED screen display


Considering whatever Apple has done with their last iPhones, an OLED screen is definitely on it’s way to make the display of the next gen iPhone 8. The top executives in Shark have already started giving hints that they might be the ones making the OLED displays for the upcoming iPhone 8s. Having an OLED screen is awesome in it’s own ways, as it consumes much less battery when compared to LED screen display. There will also be a definite increase in the resolution as well and that goes without saying. Rumors say that the size of the phone will be 5 inches, apart from the 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches model.

Wireless charging


Rumor has it that the chargers will also come to an end as the headphones wires have come to an end. Wondering how? Wireless charging, that’s how. Samsung and LG have already launched their products with the wireless charging technology, and Apple might just kickstart it in their next iPhone. Apple has also been working with a company called Energous, which is quite famous for their charging technology.

Better cameras


Well this goes without saying, but iPhone 8 will indeed be having much better cameras when compared with all the other iPhones. The company did launch a dual camera in their iPhone 7 plus this year, but it is still to tap the iceberg of the true potential of cameras. Apple is said to have the bokeh effect in their upcoming iPhone which is till now just seen in DSLR’s.

No home-button


The new iPhone 8 is rumored to come with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner fro Touch ID. Apple could also be possibly using an edge to edge screen on their iPhone 8 that will not have any room for a home button that has always been there on the all the iPhones.



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