The evolution of Halloween


Well it’s time for Halloween. It’s time when people where costumes and go around scaring people. In this post we shall see some photos which will tell us how Halloween has developed, changed and evolved in the past years.

There was once a girl called Laurie Cabot. She was known as the white witch of Salem. Below you can see a picture of her in a halloween party in Salem. The photo dates back to October 31st, 1974. She wore this costume to an adult education class nearby. Needless to say, she stirred up quite a controversy.


In the early 1900’s, before the mass production and factory made halloween costumes were made; people were mainly dependent on the home made masks they made for halloween. As we can see below, the imperfections in the home made masks made them creepier.


The following photo shows three girls heading to a halloween party in Lakewood, New Jersey. This photo was taken somewhere around the early 1910’s.


This practice of eating the apples like these dates back to the practices of Celtic. It remained popular for a very very long time. This photo was taken in a halloween party in the year 1943.


Of course what really became halloween special were the superhero costumes. Nothing could ever beat them. Below we see a boy marching in a spiderman costume (the costumes were indeed like these back then), at some halloween party again. This image was taken in 1966.


Today halloween costumes are found in all shapes and sizes. Below we see a boy dressed up as Donald Trump in a halloween party. Now isn’t that scary?





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