Yes I am Selfish!

Have you ever been termed as a person who loves just being You. You do not interfere in anyones life and yet you end up being the focus of everyone’s attention doing nothing. This is a short shout out to all the people who have the problem with dealing through these hurtful comments Yes I […]

The Night!

The Night!   There is some connection between you me and rain, I love it when you are drenched and looks sexy in vain, I couldn’t take my eyes off you, The night has finally come for my love towards you.   Ah the way you shied away, When I was staring at you from […]

Just be mine!

Just be mine!   Everyone in this world has many emotions. We wish we could express and let the other person know how we feel for them.   Read on the poetic flow of emotions   The moment I have seen you, I haven’t slept, My feelings for you is a secret to be kept, […]

My Bundle of Joy!

My Bundle of Joy! For all the people who are waiting for the little ones to become the part of their family and for the mothers who goes through all the feelings while bearing the child. Here it goes— When I first heard the news, I was just so confused, Everyone in the family was […]

My First Kiss!

My First Kiss!   Recollecting the moments I cherish, You were here I just so wish, Reminds me of the day when we were together, You and me in the car with the perfect weather, Oh what a feeling like a bliss, How can I forget my first kiss!   Your fingers playing with mine, […]

I want to be free!

I want to be free! We all need that space where you want to be free, when you want to get away with all your feelings, and be yourself without any inhibitions.   My thoughts, my words and my deeds, I don’t want to be judged, that’s what I need, Living in my own world […]


Love-Rain-Romance! Love-Rain-Romance. Such a great combination isn’t it. Rain is a blessing in disguise for all the lovers and when you are with your partner it becomes more beautiful. Enjoy the rain and the lovely trail of memories!   Excited to meet you, I chose my best dress, I wanted to relax but there was […]