Top 10 upcoming careers


With the 21st century ariving, there are hoards of careers out there which you must pay attention to. Being a doctor or an engineer is not all, you have lots of option to choose from! So here is t to you, presenting the top 10 upcoming careers in today’s scenario. 10. Medical Field 9. Technology […]

Samsung’s new gear S3


The gear Samsung’s new gear – S3 is of course one of a kind. The features inside the gear is obviously too much. Even more than we can ask for. Samsung has been known for making the greatest technologies. S3 is also one of them, and Samsung has not let us down. However, for getting […]

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3


Searching for a phone that fulfills all your dreams and does not burn a hole in your pocket? I know, the quest to find it next to impossible, but seems like Xiaomi with it’s revolutionary new phone has just made it possible. With a metal body and a premium finish that does not attract fingerprints […]

The rolls royce of phones

rolls royce

LONDON: Conveying hypotheses to an end, Israeli start-up Sirin Labs has formally disclosed its top of the line $14,000 (over Rs 9 lakh) Android cell phone that guarantees chip-to-chip 256-piece encryption like what the military uses to ensure correspondences. Named as the ‘Rolls Royce of cell phones ‘, the gadget called Solarin is actuated by […]