Why we DON’T need a valentine

Valentine's day

Well, lovebirds. It’s the 14th of February, the day you have been all waiting for. This is the day when you go ahead and give your gifts to that one special person. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Yeah well to some people! The world today shall be divided into two – singles and committed people. I […]

The 2000 rupee note

2000 rupee

Folks. If news is true, India is all set to release it’s new 2000 rupee note any day now. The reserve bank of India (RBI) will be issuing the 2000 currency notes, the highest to have come in circulation yet. Some of the experts believe the higher dominations of notes should be discontinued to discontinue […]

Coldplay wants you to shell out Rs 25,000 to 5 lakh for a ticket to see them perform in India


Us, Indians and especially us, Coldplay fans love hoping against hope. We’ve wanted Coldplay to play in the country since years and after Chris Martin ‘s impromptu gig last year in Delhi followed by the band’s secret video shoot in Mumbai this year, it seemed like our dream could come true anytime now. And, then […]