You found me or I found you

Ever wondered how did a relationship which you would have never imagined in your dreams would come out so good? This piece of poetry is for all the people who has a special person in their life.   I am in that state of life that, I feel I am dreaming, You have become my […]

When I am no more!

When I am no more!   You will miss my laugh, my cry, and my smile, The time I have spent with you and the memories worthwhile, You will look at my photograph and recollect good old times, How we did the stupid pranks and many things we tried, My love for you is endless […]

I want to be free!

I want to be free! We all need that space where you want to be free, when you want to get away with all your feelings, and be yourself without any inhibitions.   My thoughts, my words and my deeds, I don’t want to be judged, that’s what I need, Living in my own world […]