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Status Audio

Status Audio

I love listening to music. I am sure you all do. What we need is a laptop and a speaker with high speed internet. However, if you are a insider like me, I am sure you would prefer headphones over speakers. We have seen so many reviews on so many headphones. We have also seen the top 10 headphones that come under 2000 and many other such articles. But we did not know how one small company is changing the quality of headphones bit by bit with their great products!

Status Audio OB-1 CB-1

Status Audio is a Brooklyn based small company which makes headphones. Truly speaking, after seeing the reviews and trying them myself; I must tell they are good for the price they take. What’s more interesting is that this company directly sells their products to the consumers, cutting the overhead and the extra costs. The cost that they cut from the same, is later applied to research and development of the same company; and hence these monster of products are made.

The design of the headphones

Status Audio has brought out many headphones till date; but we shall be focusing on mainly two to get a overview of them all. Design wise, CB 1 (Closed Back 1) and OB 1 (Open Back 1) are more or less the same. However, the CB 1 has a bit of rugged look on it giving a feel of a DJ in he house, while the OB 1 is more of a indoor headphone. The only problem we saw is that a thin line of gold trim that might wear off. Other than that, the headphones looked like they were made to last.

Status Audio OB-1 CB-1

The cable (single sided) is removable. The cables come in two different options, depending on what the consumer wants. They are coiled and long; which means that it is obvious from the types. Design wise and comfortability wise, I would suggest you to go for the CB 1 because it is much more comfortable to wear. The OB 1 does not look that good, neither is it comfortable while wearing.

The sound quality

The main point which has to be looked here is the sound quality of the headphones. Overall, the sound quality according to me is quite impressive. The CB 1 and OB 1 have similar sound quality; owing to the fact that their designs are different, the sound quality had to be too. The OB 1 is a indoor type of headphone; hence the soundstage is better when compared to CB 1.

Status Audio OB-1 CB-1

The CB 1 however is more party like, and hence provides better bass quality when compared between the two. For classical music lovers, this here is the right choice for you; because CB 1 does make classical sound more melodious. The treble however is not that good; but the bass surely covers that up.

The Price

I know that you must have been waiting for this for a long time. Well, the price as you expected is not mind boggling. It is just placed at a rate of $79 or INR 5000. For headphones ranging from 2000 to 40000, this is a pretty good deal.

Status Audio OB-1 CB-1



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