Top 5 beaches in South America you must visit


Sand below, the sky above, water everywhere, fresh air teasing your hair. what more you need to free yourself from routine life. Sneak away and visit these. Feel the eternal beauty of mother earth. Beaches are the perfect place to visit this summer.

1) Baia do Sancho (Fernando de Noronha, Brazil)


Regarded as the best beach by TripAdvisor for two consecutive years. It’s crystal clear water will soothe your eyes. You should visit it via boat but must look for the waves. It is near Fernando de Noronha island (north coast of Brazil). View of the beach from the hill is what we humans call paradise. Comfortable accommodation facilities are provided by nearby hotels like Pousada Teju-Acu, Dolphin Hotel & many others.

2) Lopes Mendes Beach (Ilha Grande, Brazil)


On the island Ilha Grande near Rio de Janerio state, this beach spellbound its visitors. You can reach here by trekking or boat in around two hours. The journey might exhaust you but once you reach the white sand will vanish all your worries. Palm and almond trees welcome you here leading to a small forest nearby.

3) Cayo de Agua (Los Roques National Park, Venezuela)


The clear warm water with lots of fish and crabs and white sand will make your trip here amazing. It is in the north of Venezuela, on the western side of National Park Los Roques. Snorkelling is the main sports attraction for tourists here.

4) Galapagos Beach (Puerto Ayora, Ecuador)


You’ll find this beach very busy during afternoon and evening hours but less chaotic during morning time. You can come here by swimming 2.5kms but visitors prefer the 45 min walk on white sand.

5) Farol Beach (Arraial do Cabo,Brazil)


Not crowded much so you can capture your moments peacefully. Rocks, clear water, white sand form this fantastic place where you can come via boat in the morning between 10 and 11. Grab excellent seafood on your boat trip at a floating restaurant.

Pack your bag it’s time for a beach trip.



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