Solar Panel Phone Screens


With more and more advancements in technology, we have mobile phones today that can do almost anything and everything that you can imagine. But due to so many features and such powerful displays, the batteries also tend to drain faster than ever before. So, what if you are out somewhere and your phone’s battery has been drained out. What if you immediately need to access your phone even it is for a while due to some kind of emergency but your phone’s battery has died?


Luckily for us, we live in an era where new technologies are coming up with every passing day. At the recent Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Kyocera displayed a prototype that turns one of the modern smartphone’s biggest liabilities into an asset – a smartphone that incorporates solar power technology into its touchscreen. It has less than 0.5 millimeters of thickness and almost 90% transparency. This technology can fit into any of today’s popular smartphones.

Even though it is not strong enough to replace the usual plug and charge battery, it can surely help you access your smartphone for a short period of time even after the phone’s battery is completely dead. This can prove to be a critical tool in emergency situations, though its use is obviously limited to day time.


According to a report, about a hundred minutes of use on standby and a talk time of about two minutes could be generated with the help of this technology in a brief period of about ten minutes. This could prove to be very beneficial in times of need.

Although it is far from being available in the markets commercially, but the technology is quite impressive. Though it still needs some improvement, it can still prove to be one of the very successful and useful technologies for developing as well as developed nations.



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