A Sikh’s Graduation Speech in the US Is Making India Proud!

The graduation speech of a Punjabi Munda is going viral all over the Internet for good reasons. In this world of hate and ignorance, it is hard to find people who unite each other. Angad Singh Padda’s speech has so far received 1,34,000 views on YouTube. In his speech, he imagines the world without borders.

He won so many hearts for his compelling words.

When I got in I was so happy my face was as bright as this turban. On a serious note, for this speech to work I need everybody’s help. For a couple of seconds, please, close your eyes, everybody. Think about that one problem that matters most to you, that one issue you really need to be resolved to make this world a better place. Now open your eyes. That right there is the core of my speech today.

He also spoke of losing two of his best friends due to excessive drugs. He addressed the problems which the youth is facing today. Further, he started speaking about his dreams and how everyone can be a part of it.

Everyone was moved by his words:

Our legacy will be the class that not only did good business, but the class that engaged in the business of doing good.

Padda is making an emotional appeal to all of us. He says,

Whenever climate change wipes out a species, that’s a problem. Whenever a Muslim woman gets bullied because of her hijab, or a Jewish man because of his yarmulke, or a Sikh man because of his turban, that is a problem. When a father in Syria cries because he lost his entire family to a missile strike, that’s a problem.

Watch his entire speech here.

Padda, India is proud of you! You have a long way to go.

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