SiddhiVinayak Temple : Facts to be Noted!

Looking for the solution when faced with problems? Want peace of mind and prosperity? Have a wish that needs to be fulfilled? Pray to Lord Ganesha, at the Shri Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai and get what you always wanted.

Few Facts about the SiddhiVinayak Temple :

1. Siddhivinayak : The name Siddhivinayak means the Lord who grants wishes and fulfills all your desires.

2. Ashtavinayak : It is a part of the Ashtvinayak Temples that are located in and around Pune.

3. Location : The temple is located in remote village of Siddhatek, about 200 km east of Pune, Maharashtra.

4. History : The Siddivinayak Temple is believed to be primarily built by Lord Vishnu and later it was rebuilt by the Peshwas. It is said that while Lord Brahma was on his way to create the world, Lord Vishnu slept and two demons came out of his ears. They troubled everyone on earth. Lord Vishnu tried to kill them, but failed. He then started worshipping Ganesha. With his blessings he could defeat the demons. Hence the place is called Siddhatek and Lord Ganesha is called Siddhivinayak.

5. Wish for a Child: The evidences suggests that the temple was built by a Rich lady named Mrs. Deubai Patil, who could not conceive a child even after undergoing various medical treatment. It’s said that many people have had their wish to conceive a child come true over the years.

6. Architecture : The temple, which was built in 1801, was renovated in 1990. Evidently no expense was spared – it’s a six storey structure made out of white marble and granite.

7. The Temple : Inside the temple, to the right, is the sanctum that has the elaborate statue of Lord Ganesha. If you look up, you will see the sanctum’s gold plated dome, sparkling the glow of an opulent chandelier.

8. The Mice : Two huge silver mice statues are found inside the temple. It’s believed if you whisper your wish in their ears they take your wish to Lord Ganesha.

9. The Idol: The main idol is kept in a brass frame. It is about three feet tall and 2.5 feet wide. The idol also has his wives Riddhi and Siddhi sitting next to him. The stomach of Lord Ganesha is not that big when ompared to the other Ganesha idols.

10. Welcomes Everyone from different religion : This temple welcomes everyone with its open door policy. People of different religion also visits the temple to fulfill their desires.

11. The Crowd : On an average, the temple draws over 25,000 people. This number becomes 100,000 people (approx) on every Tuesday (considered to be the most auspicious).

12. Tuesday’s Aarti: The crowd starts swarming around the temple and lining up in anticipation of Tuesday’s 4.45am holy aarti (prayer). The queue sometimes goes as long as 2 kilometres.

13. Dress Code : It is advisable to adopt conservative clothing that covers the legs and shoulders.

14. Offerings : To receive Lord Ganesha’s blessing, visitors can also bring an offering such as flowers and sweets to give to the God.

15. Celebrities : It has been observed that big celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Kumar, Hema Malini, etc., come to Siddhi Vinayak to fulfill their wishes!

Most importantly, apart from visiting SiddhiVinayak there are other places in Mumbai you can look forward to like, the Juhu Beach, Bandra, Fashion Street, Hazrat Ali Dargah and many more.



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