Samsung’s new gear S3


The gear

Samsung’s new gear – S3 is of course one of a kind. The features inside the gear is obviously too much. Even more than we can ask for. Samsung has been known for making the greatest technologies. S3 is also one of them, and Samsung has not let us down. However, for getting something you must loose something. S3 comes with a lot of features packed; features we don’t even sometimes want. But there’s comes the drawback with it – size.

Samsug Gear S3

Samsung’s gear S3 is quite big and people did not like that about it. With the features si great; Samsung should have thought how to reduce the size and use up space properly. What was great about S2 was it’s size any day. It looked so good with the other devices; as small as it should be and nothing more. However, while upgrading from S2 to S3; Samsung must have added a lot of additional features resulting in it’s big size. But after the experts spent some time with the S3, it made sense why Samsung had to make it so big.

The other option

Samsung is seeing it’s profit; which is good from any companies’ point of view. Samsung is keeping in mind the sales of S2 when compared to S3. They have made sure that S2 is a second and smaller option that would be available to people when they think S3 is too big. In one way or another, Samsung is who is making the profit. Apple is also now doing the same thing; with it’s watch series 2.

Samsug Gear S3

The company is also planning to add some features of S3 to S2 but keep the hardware same. How it can be done, you better ask the people making the gears. While Samsung had focused on the fact S2 is small and light; they have now not left out a single feature that can be fit into the S3. So in short, Samsung has given the people an option.If you like small and light weight, go for S2. But if you need features go for S3. In one way or the other; go for Samsung.

What we would like

Samsung has obviously been doing a great job by releasing such awesome gadgets. However, seeing the size of S3 that is something Samsung might have to work upon. Since we have seen the S2, the image of such a big watch is quite unsettling and hence they might have to do something about that. Not that big watches are not in fashion: Titan and Casio keep making big watches and people keep buying them.

Samsug Gear S3

That being said again, you can’t really blame Samsung for making a comparatively larger watch. There are a numerous other options, including Samsung’s S2 if you did not like the size of S3. Samsung has indeed created a much better gadget compared to it’s predecessor and if that comes with some tweaks and creaks; so be it.



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