Sachin Tendulkar makes singing debut with Sonu Nigam. Is there anything our little master can’t do?

Sachin Tendulkar


Little Master. That man, that one living legend who redefined the game of cricket for India. Sachin Tendulkar had announced his retirement from all forms of cricket in November 2013. We all know how hard it was for us, we could not digest the fact for the next 3 months. We still are in search of more young talents, who can replace him. However, no one can be as good as him.

We all wish for our little master to come back on the pitch and perform. Those exquisite cover drives, what a treat for the eyes they were. Well, even if we cannot have him back on the field; we sure can be sure that he sings. Yes, you heard that right, sings. The God of Cricket has made a singing debut with Sonu Nigam in a song called ‘Cricket waali baat’.

People from all over the world noticed it and Social Media went on a roar! The song was premiered on the Grand Finale of the 9th season of the Indian Idol, on the 2nd of April.

“He is a very good singer. We did not use pitch corrector on his voice as he was singing in the right sur (tone) and (despite being) the shy person that he is, he got extremely comfortable the moment I kind of increased the masti (fun) quotient while we were shooting the video. It was wonderful and I am very happy that people are loving the song,” Nigam said.

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