Rs 3 crore cash found in BJP leader’s car


When Prime Minister Modi put a ban on the 500’s and 1000’s in India, he expected to curb corruption. But we are sure, he never expected that his own leader would be found with Rs 3 crore cash in his car. Well, it has indeed happened. Let’s see what happened in detail.

In Lucknow, cash amounting to Rs 3 crore was seized from the car of a BJP leader. This happened in Ghaziabad on Thursday, police said. The car was headed to Lucknow and was traveling from Delhi, sources say. The number plate on the car was HR 26 AR 9662.


What we as Indians would like to say to our Prime Minister is that before you clean the country, please look at your own party. Of course, the decision to curb Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes are good. They will surely help in reducing the problem of corruption and will also help in reducing the black money many people possess in India. But before you go ahead and clean India, make sure your own party leaders are clean.


The Maruti Swift car of the BJP leader was stopped in Indirapuran as the driver tried to break through a police barricade. The police personal on duty chased the car at high speed and once he had caught up, he proceeded to search the boot of the car. The car is registered in the name of Ajeet Mishra of Gurgaon. Two other people, namely Siddhartha Shukla and Anoop Agarwal were also present in the car when the money was found inside the boot of the car.


The people present said the money belonged to them and that they were taking the cash to deposit it in the party fund in Lucknow. The police on the spot called the Income Tax department, because if you break a police barrier and run off in a car with so much cash; yes they will call them. The IT officials in the Income Tax department are trying to confirm the source of the money presently.


Former president of Ghaziabad city, BJP leader Ashok Manga reached the police station on the spot. He confirmed, stating on  a letter pad that the money was indeed being sent to the BJP central office in Lucknow for party activities. The certificate also mentioned that Anoop Agarwal, who was presently carrying the money was a party worker and had been given permission to carry the money to the same place.

Hope this reaches Prime Minister Modi and he takes the action required if necessary as soon as possible.



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