Ride to lepakshi


Lepakshi is a small village in Mandal in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is located 15 km (9.3 mi) east of Hindupur and approximately 120 km (75 mi) north of Bangalore. Lepakshi is culturally and archaeologically significant as it is the location of shrines dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Veerabhadra which were built during the Vijayanagara Kings’ period (1336–1646). The temples are the location of mural paintings of the Vijayanagar kings and Kannada inscriptions. Near the temple complex is a large granite Nandi bull. On a hillock known as Kurma Saila, “tortoise shaped hill”, are other temples to Papanatheswara, Raghunatha, Srirama, and Durga.  –Wiki

Lepakshi temple is an average temple according to me as I don’t get fascinated with temple and history. I was more interested in the road as the road is recently been made and renamed to AH46 from NH46.  The road is a treat for rider. The weather is good for June month as the monsoon has just arrived. There is a paratha place on the way which is known to be 1 of the most costliest parathas ever for 250rs a paratha.

To reach lepakshi we need to divert from AH46 after 110km from Bangalore to the left. The inner road are also very very beautiful too. The top most image is of the inner roads.

The story behind this temple is that when ravana was kidnapping seeta maiya in pushpak vimaan, Jatayu tried to rescue and ravana slashed his head off from his body. The head happen to fall at this place. Thats why this place is called as lepakshi(le = head, pakshi = bird).

Gurpreet, shailesh, jay,were among of my 9 friends that came along for this trip.

This is the cool video that I made of our little ride Enjoy


This is another video that I found on Youtube which would do justice to the place if you want to know in depth about the place.



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