Ride to avalabetta on july 30th 2016



Before I go ahead and write my experience about Avalabetta. Let me tell you a little bit about this place. Avalabetta is just a porsche version of nandi hill without that much crowd.  It got same kind of beautiful big landscapes, that fresh breeze, and a spectacular view. Its on a mild distance from bangalore (around 92 km from majestic).

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.37.49 PM


Avalabetta has got 2 major view points. 1 which is the very very famous on internet. which is an extended part of a stone in air and it provides titanic pose for couples. Of course there will not be any titanic pose pictures in my blog as I travel with my friends.



Than there is another view where not much people go because they just cant climb it, as simple as that.


The route to this place is beautiful and smooth. its a candy for a biker lover. Perfect NH46(now AH46).

Our plan :

Getup 5am, Get ready and leave by 5:30. I had to leave mahadevpura because that’s where I stay. Take first stoppage at Nandini uphar just right next to nandi hills right cut. We reached the place by 9:30 because we are nautanki baaj people. Every once and while we keep taking breaks, because why not, we can. Its a god damn ride, enjoying it to the fullest.

The guys who traveled with me were :

  1. Gurpreet Singh
  2. Shalesh
  3. Kiran
  4. Vaibhav
  5. Raghuram
  6. Bharath
  7. Abhinav
  8. Abhjit
  9. Raghu
  10. Bala
  11. Balaji
  12. Sunil
  13. Balaji’s friend(Sorry I forgot the name)
  14. Last but not least, NarayaN Yaduvanshi

Our crew concluded of 1 benelli 600, yamaha R15, Kawasaki versus 650, Bajaj pulsar 200NS, Verdanchi special Royal enfield, 9 beautiful Royal enfields.

The stairs are bit tiring though but the view compassionate for it.

There is a video made by me on this beautiful ride. This video features the joy of riding more than the landscapes.



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