What really shaped our neighbour?


We Indians have always been at war with our neighbour. I do not even need to tell which neighbour I am talking about do I? But sometimes, we just have to come out from the enmity. Hell, I am sure the logical minds in there sure do not want any war, just like us; sitting in our rooms reading dailyblogvlog do. So instead of writing some hate posts, and declaring war let us look what really shaped Pakistan.

The beginning

This here is a picture of M A Jinnah, patiently listening to the complaints of a refugee in Karachi in late 1947. The war just did not affect us Indians, even the Pakistanis were equally affected. Refugees poured in the newly formed Pakistan and this is where it all began.

October 1951

This is a picture of Liaquat Ali Khan. And guess what? He was shot 20 minutes after this picture was taken. Saeed Akbar a Pakhtun nationalist was the one who assassinated him. Akbar was also killed within seconds after his attack.

The war begins

This is a picture when the Bengali Muslims started demanding their own states. The year was 1952, and truly it was a torturous time for them. Girls and Ladies were raped, men and boys were killed and bodies were left to decay on the roads of Pakistan. If it was not India who intervened, God knows where Bangladesh would be now.

The anthem man of Pakistan

Hafeez Jalandhri, the man who penned the national anthem of Pakistan in the year 1952 with his children and wife. 1952 being a war year for Pakistan, the government did not pay much attention to this back then. They later recognised his song as the national anthem in the year 1954.

Equal protests there too

This picture shows the military police of Pakistan protesting when the imposition of the country’s first Martial Law took place 1958. They accused the politicians of corruption and using the 1956 Constitution to ‘peddle Islam for political gains’.

It arrives!

This picture shows the first television station of Pakistan in the year 1964. Japan’s Nippon corporation helped them set up the first ever television station of the country in Lahore.

Industrial revolution of Pakistan

Here Ayub Khan can be seen inspecting a industrial plant in Pakistan. Under his rule, it was the first time Pakistan saw a increase in the industrial revenue. 8.51% growth it was.

He wins

Bhutto won in the year 1971. Enough said!

And at last

This is a picture of one of the original copies of the Constitution of 1973. This was Pakistan’s third constitution. It was jointly passed by the government and also their the opposition in the National Assembly. It renamed the name to Islami Republic of Pakistan from Republic of Pakistan.



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