President Trump – Good news for India. Bad news for the neighbors.


Guess what people. It happened. Trump won. The world doesn’t know what to say anymore. With Trump winning, people are now finding excuses to make the bad look good. But on a lighter note, hey; even if Clinton did become president, not much good would have come out. With a whooping 276 seats, Trump has claimed the seat to become the 45th President of the United States of America. But we are Indians, and we will always think what Trump would do to us. We saw what our Prime Minister Modi tweeted, and truth to be told we agree with him all right.

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Under the influence of Obama, the ties between India and America had become very good. Now it remains to be seen whether Trump lives up-to his promise and makes even better ties with India.

Why it’s bad for China

China and Pakistan as we know have been using the United states of America as their personal cash cows for many many years. China has run a huge trade profit ($366 million in the year 2015). Pakistan has also received help from the United States of America ($30 million since 2002) while they say they fight radical Islams. We all know they are lying. But when Trump has risen to power, we know that he will surely cut the funds that have been flowing to Pakistan and China.

The United States of America have lost more than five million manufacturing jobs in it’s own period. Trump has promised to boost up the economy of the country, and if he does what he had promised; oh God China you are at a huge loss. Mexico? Well sad news for you as well. The only way he will do it is cut the cost and money that had been flowing to China for many years.


The sorry state of Pakistan

Trump had already said that he hated Muslims. So it’s not new news that when Trump comes, the relation between America and Pakistan is going to detoriate. In a smiliar way the bonds between India and Maerica is going to flourish as a result. Trump has also said that he has huge respects for the Hindu community. Let’s see what Trump has in store for the Indians. But it can be said without a doubt that China and Pakistan are not very well off now.





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