Top 5 pranks you can play on your friend’s desktop


1. Hide all their Desktop Icons

Everyone stores all their important and frequently used data on their Desktop, so if any of them go missing it can create panic to the owner. All you need to do is Right Click, Go to view and Untick ‘Show Desktop Icons’.

This will cause immediate panic when your friend checks his laptop and he will start searching his trash but will find nothing.

2. Change the Cursor to Waiting

Speed is an essential criterion before one decides to buy a laptop, everyone wants their laptop to work fast and efficiently without having any lag. Having to wait is the worst feeling for a user.
If you change the cursor to the Waiting symbol, it will create an impression that the laptop isn’t functioning properly or there is a background task which is not responding. Just go to the Control Panel then Mouse Settings and then chose the waiting cursor from the list.

3. Changing System Settings to High Contrast

This completely changes settings of the Computer and it becomes tough to work. Users might also think there is a problem with their monitor and consider getting it repaired. The best part about this trick is that it is known to very few people. To enable the High Contrast Mode just press Shift, Alt and Print Screen buttons altogether.

4. Adding Funny Screenshots as Wallpaper

Just add a few strange folders on your friend’s laptop, take a screenshot and make that the wallpaper. This will get very irritating as the folders will be visible on the desktop but your friend will be unable to open them. It will take a while for your friend to realise what’s wrong.

5. Password Protecting all their Folders

To do this, you will have to right-click on the folders and go to the properties section and encrypt the file/folder. This will successfully piss your friend off, as his laptop is going to be useless. Unable to open any of the necessary files or folders.



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