A post for all those students who are confused about what to do in the future


So. the 12th results are out. Every year, this is that point of time when the boys and girls who have just passed out 12th standard start wondering what to do in the future. I am not here to help you choose your career. I am not here to give you career counseling. I will not tell you which stream to take up. Trust me, you know that better than anyone else in this world. Some people say that parents choose the best thing for you. That is true of course, but at the end of 4 years if you do not like what you have been doing, will you blame your parents? Trust me, you will. And that will bring you nothing. Absolutely nothing.

India today has become a land of engineers and doctors. That scene in 3 Idiots? That scene is fiction trust me; after 3 years of engineering, I have learned that. So I am here to just tell you one thing: follow your heart.

You are done with your boards now, so I want you to do one tiny last step you must take. Sit down alone in your room. And think. Think which is that one career that will make you happy. Not earn you loads of money, but make you happy. Let me tell you why. Imagine you take up medical like your parents forced you to. You study medical for 2 years and then you realize that you have no interest in doing it. You will call your parents up, scream at them for ruining your life and maybe even get out of your medical college. And then you will pursue what you love. Trust me, that is just wasting 2 precious years of your life.

Just imagine when you drop out of your college, your friends will be earning. And here you are, taking your dream course but from the 1st year. So why not take the stream you love in the first place? I know, but how? How will our parents understand? They never do, right? Well, that’s because you are not convincing enough. Remember the Bollywood film called Om Shanti Om? There is one dialogue which has till date inspired me:

Kehte hain ki. Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.

And this is very, very true. If you think you will love what you do, do you really believe it will be hard for you to convince your parents? If you do, you have not really tried. And what do I mean by try? Just one simple thing folks, just one. Sit down with your parents and tell them why you would like to do what you would love to do. If you are not convinced to do what you love, you cannot convince anyone in this world let alone your parents. But if you have a plan set for you, if you know why you would love to do what you love to do: trust me no parent in this world will stop you.

And let me add one more thing here, something which you will not understand today. Something which you will understand after rubbing your asses off in your college for 3 years. If take up what you love; there is no else for you to blame but you for your failures. Yes, it is not always the case that if you do what you love; you will end up earning millions of Rupees. Hey, the world does not work that way. But it does give you the will to keep fighting. It gives you the will to never give up. Just sit back then, think why you took what you took, recollect the day how you convinced your parents and the energy will come back rushing back in your blood.

Never think that someone else can make the best decisions for you, be it your mother or father, your boyfriend or girlfriend. It is you who can decide the best for you. It’s the 21st century people! Go on the internet and see! Open your eyes, do not be fooled by the fact that engineering and medical are the only two fields you can be successful in.

But let me also make some things very clear, something which my friend Rohan Mendiratta pointed out:

Do not be fooled by the fascinating world you see on Social Media. Do not be that that fool who sees a Rock Bank Artist and thinks “Fuck yeah, I’ll join a band. This post says do what you love!” Brother, that is not what I meant at all. This is your career folks, not something you can play with. When you make such a mistake, and I know people who have; trust me that is worse than blaming your parents. Understand the difference between doing what you love doing and what you think you will love doing. Make a mental plan, make sure that you have a path set out for you.
That businessman you see today with a Porsche? He inspired you? Well, you have no idea how hard he had to work to get that Porsche. I am not telling you life will become easy if you do what you love. No! Life will become even more difficult. You have to work doubly hard! If you think you love something by just looking at the end result, then you are just lying to yourself subconsciously that you ‘love what you do’, even though you actually just love the glamorous world that is surrounding it. And that is the surefire way to failure because you will give up as soon as some adversity comes. Choose a path where you know the difficulties that are about to come and you are prepared. And even if you are not prepared, you have the mental strength to face those adversities.

Posts like these will surely flood your timeline now. Get up, wipe off those tears if you have any, sit down with your family and tell them. They are you family folks; at the end of the day, even they want you to see happy. Successful yes, rich yes. But the basic factor? Happiness. First of all understand what you love, and why you love it. Convince yourself before you start convincing anyone else. When that happens your work will not be a tedious 9-5 work. Love what you do, and working from 6 in the morning to 11 in the night will bring a smile on your face. Love what you do, and you will do what you love. So boys and girls, take your decisions. It’s high time now. Be the only responsible be for your own decisions; because people will keep giving you free advice but they will never stick by you all the time. There is just one person who will always stick by you no matter what and never give up. Who? It’s you.

So boys and girls, take your own decisions. It’s high time now. Be the only one responsible for your own decisions; because people will keep giving you free advice but they will never stick by you all the time.

There is just one person who will always stick by you no matter what and never give up. Who? It’s you.

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