Had a Rough Day? You Will Not Think the Same Again after Reading This!

Know one thing — that whether you’re a shopkeeper like me or a billionaire, everyone has hardships and problems. They’re different for everyone, but it’s how you deal with those problems that matter. I’ve been at this exact spot for 25 years and have faced financial problems, but I choose to feel happy every single day. If I sit and worry about my problems and focus on them…when will I live?

The above lines are the epilogue of the story of a small scale shopkeeper in Bombay. He has faced a lot of adversities in his life. Read his story below:

My mother passed away when I was very young. I faintly remember her puking continuously. I was told later that her puking was not natural and that she was killed by witchcraft. You don’t know how lucky you are to have your mom, life without her can be hell.

 Mine was because shortly after her death my father remarried and forgot all about my mother, my two brothers and me. We were treated so badly that we had had no option but to leave and stay with my grandfather.

He took care of us until we were old enough to earn. Being the eldest brother I shouldered all the responsibility of my family at the age of 21 and left Allahabad in for a life in Mumbai. I sit here, near the station selling bags from 8 am to 11 pm so that I can earn enough to send money to my wife and daughter back in the village. My other brothers have moved to Mumbai too and we all earn enough to support our families now.

Going through such a difficult childhood, I only knew one thing growing up — that I would never put my wife or daughter through what my father put me.

My six-year-old daughter and my wife are my whole world — they’re back home in my village and I miss them so terribly, but I’m earning for them— to educate my daughter, to give them both a comfortable life. I can’t wait to see them again.

We had had our days of struggle where we had to really work hard, but we were all in it together – not once did they make me feel like I was working alone. Things are better now, but even during those struggling days we were together supporting each other.

My question is: Do you really think your problems are REALLY so big as you thought of them to be?

You know what?

There are millions of people out there, you DREAM of living a life like you do.

They have no access to food, health, education, and shelter.

Did you even realize that?

You can do every damn thing you want to as long as you are willing to! Stop complaining.

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