Poor Virat Slammed at a Controversial Picture

First things first- Virat Kohli was NOT gazing at the legs or knees or elbows or any part of the body of IPL (Indian Premier League) host Archana Vijay. This picture went viral all over the internet with the hashtag #PoorAnushka. So, Archana Vijay finally decided to open up about this controversial story.

Reacting to this news, she said:

My first thought was: Oh my God, are people trying that hard to make headlines? Are people so starved to bring people down? Virat has had such a remarkable growth as a cricketer. We all admire his amazing discipline. He has such clarity of thought and looks at what people did.

Seems legit, right?

She even took it to Instagram and posted a photo with Virat Kohli.


Further, she added:

The most disappointing thing about the whole episode was that serious news outlets covered it. It trivializes journalism.

She made her response clear by stating:

We were playing a round of rapid fire and the poor guy was just trying to cheat by looking at the cue card. It was the cue card he was looking at.

Now, observe the photo more carefully! The reason she broke her silence was because she was fuming at the baseless reports which went viral everywhere and couldn’t stand it anymore.

Hopefully, some day media will come up with a better news besides Deepika Padukone’s cleavage and Virat’s stare.

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