Here’s how your pet can help you improve your Mental Health

“When I am emotionally drained, my pet comes to me for rescue.” My pet cuddles with me and that’s how my fur baby makes me smile. I am never alone.” Certainly, all of you must have heard these lines from a pet owner. It’s not just a pet for them, it becomes a part of their family. And, you might be shocked to realize that your pet can also help you improve your Mental Health. Here’s how your pet can do it for you:

1. They get you outside: Staying indoors all day can surely be a reason for unhappiness. So, when you walk out in fresh air, your mood automatically elevates. Also, playing with your pet in the sun gives you an extra dosage of Vitamin D which helps you fight against depression, obesity, cancer, and heart-attack.

2. They lessen chances of developing allergies: This might sound a bit contradictive but it’s true. According to a study children who grew up with pets are less likely to develop allergies. Allergies can also cause people to suffer from Insomnia, which makes one more prone to depression.

3. They help you reduce Stress level: Rythmic grooming and petting can be beneficial for you as well as your pet. While doing so, concentrate on its texture and the warmth your pet radiates. While you connect with your pet, oxytocin hormone is released in your body which helps you reduce stress and lower your blood-pressure.

4. They distract you from things you don’t like: They engage themselves so much into you, thus they help you in distracting yourself from things that bother you and weigh you down. When you are fully enjoying the moment with them you feel less burdened.

5. They are great listeners: You don’t have to think twice before opening up to your pet. You can talk to your pet about anything and everything like your dreams, goals, and hopes. You can practice a speech in front of them or even share your breakup story. After all, they are such great listeners!



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