Peacock Is the National Bird Because It Doesn’t Mate, Says HC Judge

MC Sharma, the High Court Judge on the last day of his term has done JUSTICE to Peacock more than any other creature on this earth. Well, now ATLEAST we all know why peacock is the national bird of India. Simple, because it does NOT mate with peahen. Peacock remains a celibate a.k.a. ‘Brahmachari’ for the entire tenure of its life.

So, if you are wondering like me about how peacocks procreate? Simple, the peahen just drinks the tears of the peacock to get pregnant. Aw, that got my eyes teary! *pun intended*

Well, if you are STILL wondering about this logic. Here let me quote the exact words of the highly INTELLECTUAL High Court judge.

Jo mor hai, yeh aajevan bhramachari hai. Kabhi bhi morni ke saath sex nahi karta hai. Iske jo aasu aate hai, morni usse chubhkar garbhavati hoti hai, mor ya morni ko janm deti hai


Twitter is exploding with jokes about the #NewFoundDiscovery

It’s almost equivalent to the theory which Indian parents explain how a child is born. It works in this manner – ‘Your Dad ate a samosa and I ate the other half of the same. And, since the samosa was infested with his saliva I got pregnant. And, this is how you were born.’

Itne gyaani hotey hai India ke jugde. Inhe purein brahman ka gyaan hai. Jai ho! 

For those of you who still haven’t figured out the SARCASM in this post. I’ve something for you as well!

Well, you understand the point he was trying to make?

In the end, he concluded by urging that cow should be made the national animal of India.

See how the logic words? We salute him.

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