PC Gets Slammed for Taking Selfies at the Holocaust Memorial

PC had been a victim of the memes for her Met Gala outfit. The girl took this on a positive note and roasted herself on Instagram by posting her favorite picks. Well, we do appreciate your spirit.

And, here comes another one! This time what she has done is totally DISRESPECTFUL. Well, she took selfies at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Now, for those of you thinking ‘What’s the big deal in taking selfies?’ Let me tell you that although Berlin is an incredibly beautiful place, it is the place where more than 3 million Jews were buried after being murdered due to xenophobic outrage.

So, are you with me? Because the entire Twitter army is with me! Hold on, have a look:

1. Couldn’t agree more!


2. This is an unspoken rule: No to pictures.


3. Look at her sentiments.


4. Rightly put into words.

5. Believe me, I am in a deep shock too!


We wonder what Priyanka has got to say about this one!

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