Pakistani Camel predicts India would win – Too bad for you camel; we already won


In the 21st century today, few things are as nerve cracking as an India-Pakistan match. Even the ones who do not follow cricket at all,  even they cannot keep their hands off their remote when it comes to this match. And if you are claiming that you do not get pumped up when you hear this, if you claim that you do not care about what happens here; you mate have something seriously wrong going with you. Every household prayers go on, and even tantriks are called so that the team wins. Pakistan went a bit far this time as well (nothing new in that),  and they bought out a Camel to predict who is going to win the match.

After all, we did have Chanakya the fish and Paul the octopus, who have become household names predicting sporting results.

In this video from below, that seems to be from Geo TV, which is now being widely shared online, we can see there are two placards. One has the name India on it and the other has the name Pakistan, and they are kept side by side.

And lo and behold, the camel stops and chooses the placard that says Pakistan. You just cannot stop laughing after seeing this video. And guess what Geo TV? Just two words. We won. And one more. Again. And five more. And shall continue doing so. Just last one, I promise. Forever.

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