Why Pakistan should back off


India’s patience


I do not believe there is a need to shed light on the state between India and Pakistan. Of course they have been rivals since 1947, but Pakistan has indeed been testing India’s patience for a very very long time. India has never yet retaliated back with it’s full force, and if it does God save Pakistan (actually don’t save Pakistan God). In the recent time the infamous Uri attack took place which claimed the lives of 18 Indian Army jawans and 85 civilians. Following this, Pakistan and India had been in a state of unrest, and Pakistan as usual claimed they did not have anything to do with the attack. We all saw the video in which how an Indian representative thrashed the Pakistan Prime Minister with words, in front of the whole UN assembly. Following this, a petition had been out in the white house which stated to declare Pakistan as a terrorist nation. So what is that Pakistan should be doing now? What adverse affects does it have to do with the present situation? Let us have a closer look as to what Pakistan awaits if this continues.

The diplomacy


First of all the focus falls on the bill that had been introduced in the white house, which asked to declare Pakistan as terrorist nation. Pakistan had been seeing aiding none other than the wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden, and once confronted denied any knowledge of the same. Pakistan, do you think we are stupid? Terrorists reside in your country, they come from your country crossing the LOC and attack India, and you say you had nothing to do with it? No sir, we just don’t buy it. The bill has been introduced, and if it is passed hell is what Pakistan awaits. Tourist attraction is something Pakistan will surely loose, and they will loose the support from countries they have been receiving till date. In another news Russia has also called off the joint military exercises that had to be taken place with Pakistan. The gist of the above paragraph is that, if Pakistan keeps doing what they are; there will no country supporting them except maybe China. China will be supporting not because they are in good terms with Pakistan but because of the bad terms with India.

What past teaches us


Past always has a valuable lesson for us. So many times have Pakistan and India come face to face. So many times wars have been waged upon both, but what has it for us? What it does have is a lesson, that India has and will never loose a war against Pakistan. This is when India does not even attack with their full force. If the Indian Air Force comes into action with the Army, God knows what would happen to Pakistan. Because of issues right now, maybe India is not responding with it’s full force. But what Pakistan should remember is what happened to them during the 1947 war, the 1965 war and 1971 war.

Need I say more?



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